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You might remember baby Shaw and his adorable parents from his newborn and 3 month sessions.  Well, his momma Morgan is a super talented designer and has a wonderful blog called Ampersand Design Studio.

I'm sure you remember Shaw's adorable nursery from his newborn session:

This month, her stunning nursery that she designed for baby Shaw was featured in M Magazine, a local Kansas City Magazine for moms.  Check out her post about it on her blog here.  Congratulations, Morgan!

Also, be sure to check out her wonderful etsy shop: Ampersand Shop for some of her fabulous work.  A few of my favorites from their shop:

Negative Space Alphabet - Bright Colors (8"x10") found here.
Photo from the Ampersand Shop on etsy.
Pair of personalized ABC initial prints (two 8"x10"s) found here.
Photo from the Ampersand Shop on etsy.
I really love my job.  I get to meet so many amazing families, and so many talented people!


Patrick-Prairie Village Newborn Photos

On February 16, little Patrick William was born, and right in time for his newborn session that we had scheduled many months ago.  Lucky for me, I was able to photograph Patrick when he was just about 4 days old.  He is just perfect as can be, and the sleepiest little thing.  I always try to do newborn sessions within the first few days after coming home because that is when they are sleepiest, and they are usually much easier to pose...they are so used to being all cramped up that they will easily roll into lots of comfy little poses.  While Patrick was very sleepy during his session, it didn't really matter because he is so strong that there were times when I physically couldn't move his arm from wherever he wanted it because he was resisting so much.  Not only that, but when Patrick was awake he was already lifting his head up and looking around...pretty impressive for just 4 days old :)

One more thing before I get to the preview...the day of the session was just the 2nd day home for mom , dad and baby and unfortunately they told me they had been up all night the night before with a sad baby.  I don't know how they did it, because at the session mom and dad were both wide awake and so sweet and patient, not to mention they both looked great.  I had a wonderful time photographing Patrick, and I hope you enjoy your preview!

Patrick's beautiful nursery.
Love the seersucker bedding, and no room is complete without a few Jayhawks :)

How great is this pillow?  The fabric is the same as his bedding and window treatments...adorable!

I had to throw this in...too funny not to.

In this picture, Patrick discovered how to suck his thumb...or really all of his fingers.


A Note About the Contact Form on AnnePendleton.com

This is a quick post to give an update on the status of the contact form on www.annependleton.com.

I have received a few e-mails in the past week from clients asking if I had received a message they had sent through the contact form on my website.  I had not, and couldn't even find the messages in my spam folder which is where they sometimes wound up in the past.  I did some research and through trail and error concluded that the contact form was not working and for some reason not directing any messages to my inbox.  The problem could not be remedied immediately, so for the time being the contact form has been taken down.  The best way to contact me is still by sending me an e-mail at annepphoto@gmail.com.

If you have tried contacting me through the contact form in the past month and have not received a response, please send me an e-mail at annepphoto@gmail.com and I will get back to you as soon as possible.  I apologize if any one has had any issues, and hopefully I will be able to get a functioning contact form back up very soon!

What's a post on a photography blog without a photo?  I haven't ever shared images on here that I have taken as a part of my "other job" but just for fun here are a few from the KU vs OSU men's basketball game this past Monday.

EJ looks like he's surfing in mid air.


Teddy-Kansas City, MO 9 Month Photos

I'm not kidding when I say it was harder narrowing down which pictures to use on Teddy's 9 month preview than it was actually taking the pictures.  He might have had a rough start (a kind of unhappy newborn session) but he has been an all-star ever since.  He is just the sweetest little boy with gobs of personality, and so wonderful to photograph.

Here is newborn Teddy:

and 3 month Teddy:

6 month Teddy:

And 9 months later here is your 9 month preview...enjoy!

Does this look like any other sweet little boy you've seen on my blog before?  Teddy's cousin, Hank last Spring:

There may be snow on the ground, but I can assure you it was almost 60 degrees outside...gotta love Kansas.


A Fun Contest

A wonderful client of mine (and momma of an adorable little baby) is the owner of a great children's clothing store in Kansas City, MO called The Little House.  They have adorable, classic children's clothing, and carry lots of great brands.

Right now, they are holding a coloring contest for a chance to win a darling stuffed animal.  Simply follow this link to their blog and print out the coloring page.  Have your little artist work their magic, and take the art into the store for your chance to win!  The contest ends on March 12th.

Even if you don't have a little one old enough to color I highly suggest checking out some of the adorable clothes that The Little House has to offer!  Good luck!


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