Shaw-3 Month Pictures (Fairway, KS)

You might remember baby Shaw's newborn photos found here.

Here is newborn Shaw.
I was so excited for Shaw's 3 month session, because while I love the newborn sessions, you can really start seeing little personalities develop around 3 months.  Shaw was absolutely no exception.  He was so lively and fun and an absolute joy.  Shaw didn't exactly love his newborn session, so I think he was over-compensating, because he was so wonderful this go around.

I think his incredibly chill and relaxed parents have rubbed off on him, because he is one cool baby.  Enjoy your preview Morgan and Dan!

Shaw had two different smiles...this full body laughing smile and a sweet flirty smile.  He was just too much fun to watch. SO much personality.

Here's his sweet flirty smile...too cute, huh?

Just hangin' out with dad :)

A bit of an outtake, but I love it...check out that wingspan.

How awesome is this rug???  I was in love!
Baby cannon ball!

The best part about using your home decor in photoshoots?  It looks good on the wall next to it!  I just LOVE this pillow, and I love it even more with a cute baby on it :)

So happy with momma.


New House and a Blog

As some of you may know, my boyfriend Tony recently purchased his first house which he closed on last Thursday.  I have been helping him get everything in order and decorate, which has been lots of fun.  He told me that he wanted to start a blog about the house because in his words "I want to be like Pioneer Woman."  (He really has no idea who Pioneer Woman is other than the fact that his mom loves her and has her cookbook, and we saw her on the Food Network once).  Unfortunately, he is failing miserably at posting on it, but hopefully he will get better at it :)

So, if you are bored and want to read a little about how the house is coming along you can check it out at:

We finally have one room finished, so I figured I would share those pictures on here :) You can see them at:



The Last Bit of 2010...

I figured while I was tying up the last few loose ends of my 2010 blogging, I would post a few of the sessions that didn't get their own post.  Most of these are commercial shoots or high school sports posters I designed and photographed.  After this post, you will only see 2011 sessions from now on...enjoy this last bit of 2010!

Big 12 Leadership Summit
In the summer of 2010, I was hired by the Big 12 to photograph their inaugural Big 12 Leadership Summit that took place at KU.  It took place on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday and included student athletes from all Big 12 schools.  You can read more about it here.  It was a great opportunity, and really nice to see all of these accomplished student athletes working together to brainstorm ways to be leaders on campus.  Here are a few of my favorites from the weekend.

Washburn Rural Football Poster

Washburn Rural Cheerleaders Poster

Washburn Rural Girls' Tennis Poster

Washburn Rural Basketball Poster

Bill Self's Assists Foundation Halloween Fundraiser
If you haven't heard of the Assists Foundation, click here and read all about it.  It's a great organization started by Kansas Basketball Head Coach, Bill Self, to help local youth.  They raise thousands of dollars every year for the organization, and this Halloween Party was one of those fundraisers.  Here are a few of my favorites:


Grace-Prairie Village 3 Month Preview

Sweet little Grace, my only girl currently on the first year package turned 3 months old in December, and I couldn't believe how big she had gotten.  You might remember Grace's newborn session found here.  Grace was just 3 days old during her first session, which makes the jump to 3 months seem even bigger than usual.

Here is little Grace when she was a newborn...

and here is Grace at 3 months...

Grace is such a fun, interactive baby.  It probably helps that she has such a wonderful big brother who is so sweet to her.  I wish I could remember all of the sweet things he said to her during the photoshoot, nonetheless it was pretty adorable.

The first thing I remember about Grace's newborn session was walking in to a little boy named Luke who asked if I wanted to watch Lady and the Tramp with him (or at least that's what I think it was...correct me if I'm wrong).  Luke didn't take much time to warm up to me, he just started chatting away.  I loved talking to him about Toy Story 3, Cars and other really important little boy things.  So, this time when I walked in the door and Luke wanted to tell me all about Star Wars and the Toy Story 3 toys he had asked Santa for, I was all ears.  He also wanted to tell me all about his little sister, which was equally endearing.  With these first year sessions, I get to see the family every 3 months, and over that time it is so fun to get to know not only the new babies, but also the whole family.  I'm very lucky to have met this great family, and their adorable Luke and Grace.  Here are a few of Luke I snapped as he was showing me some of his toys... (note the the background)


Camden-3 Month Photo Preview (Lawrence/Tonganoxie)

You might remember little Camden from his newborn shoot.

If not, here is what Camden looked like as a newborn...

And here is what 3 month old Camden looks like...

Camden is such a sweet boy, and SO full of personality.  His little faces were cracking me up.  Below is a few of my favorite expressions from little Camden.

I'd like to call the first one, "Lady get out, you're taking too many pictures" (notice his right hand...) and the second is Camden channeling the old man in him after a bit too much to eat.

This next one on the left is the best impression of a sumo baby I've ever seen.  He is definitely ready to fight.  And on the bottom right is what happens when you stick a 3 month old on a couch and make him pose for the camera for too long :)

I can't wait to see you again in a few months, Camden!


Holiday Catch Up!

As I think I mentioned previously, I was incredibly busy during the holidays fulfilling orders for clients and doing last minute sessions for Christmas cards, and while I was getting everything to clients...blogging had to take a back seat.  So, seeing as today is a snow day I thought it would be a great time to catch up on some blogging that I had to skip over in December.  Here are a few highlights of short sessions I did during the holiday season:

Charlie and Polly
My mom's side is all from Clarksville, Tennessee, so over Thanksgiving, we visited my family there.  I was so lucky to photograph my sweet cousin, Katy's children Charlie and Polly for their Christmas card.  Here are a few of my favorites from their session in Tennessee.

The Browne Family
When a close friend Mark came to me asking to have a photograph of him and his older brothers as a surprise Christmas present for their grandmother, I knew it would be a fun event to say the least :)  Mark and his brothers are quite the funny bunch, and I was a little worried they wouldn't take the session seriously, because it was with me.  However, they were all great and very cooperative and I've been told that their grandmother absolutely loved her large print.  Here are a few favorites from that session:

The Self Family
In December, I had the pleasure of photographing the Self's for their Christmas card.  Lauren and Tyler were wonderful to work with, and absolute pros at posing for pictures.  Their card turned out adorable, and the whole shoot was great.  It helps to have such gorgeous/handsome models and all of the amazing decor in their home didn't hurt!  Here are a few of my favorites from their session:

The Werner Family
Last but not least...we had my family's Christmas card pictures, which always end up being last minute.  It never fails that we seem to not be able to get together and take our pictures until it's almost too late...then it just becomes a battle of whether or not we will have to send it as a Happy New Years card instead of a Christmas Card (although, we have a pretty good record...we've only once been so behind that we had to send out a New Years card).

I figured that the older we got, the easier this would get...but it doesn't.  No one is ever happy with where they stand, and it's a battle to get someone to have to be the girl who is forced to sit down in the picture (in case you're wondering, I played the martyr this year and agreed to sit down in the chair).

In case you're wondering, taking our picture went something like mom acts as my stand in and I pose her with my three younger siblings.  I get the lighting and posing set up, and then once I think it is good to go I give my dad the camera, and I take my mom's place.

Here is the final card:


inside left

inside right


It has become kind of customary to include outtakes in our family card, because there are always SO many of them.  Anyhow, it ended up working out okay, and thanks to overnight shipping, we were able to get these out on December about procrastination.

I have a few more 2010 first year photo shoots to post, and I will just about have 2010 blogging wrapped up!


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