Mr. and Mrs. Viyera-Hutchinson Wedding Preview

I had the pleasure of photographing Nathan and Shannon on their beautiful December wedding day recently.  Both the bride and groom are incredibly generous, thankful and kind...making my job much more fun and enjoyable.  They had such a lovely wedding day, and I hope they enjoy their preview!  Happy new year!


Little Surprises

There's nothing better than a surprise, and coming from me that means a lot.  I have a hard time letting anyone surprise me, and I usually figure out what's going on before anyone has a chance to surprise me with anything.  So, when I got home from work this evening to a package from a wedding client wrapped in brown paper, I got kind of excited.  I wasn't expecting a payment or anything, so I didn't know what to expect.  The package had adorable little drawings all over the outside like so:

And these... (please excuse the hipster iPhone Hipstamatic pictures)

I really wanted to keep the packaging all neat and in tact, so I carefully peeled off the tape from one side, and was planning on doing so on the other, but really couldn't wait to find out what was inside, so I went a little wild and tore it open.

Inside was a book, and not just any book, but a book about (from what I've gathered from the inside cover) a girl named Mackensie who is a wedding photographer who loves capturing the happiness in others, and has to learn to make her own happiness (or something along those lines) looks perfect, and I cannot wait to start reading it!

Not just that, but she included a Starbucks gift card, a sweet note and a copy of the name card from her wedding invitations which makes me so excited for her December wedding!  It's so fun to get such a thoughtful (and personal) gift from a wedding client, and I truly appreciate the kind gesture.  Thank you so much, Shannon, and I look forward to photographing your wedding in just a few weeks!

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday, and if you have a second, check out the new version of ...but more on that later.


Paul and Amanda Cox - Topeka Wedding Preview

I wanted to make sure I got a preview up for Paul and Amanda before I leave for Clarksville, Tennessee tomorrow to visit my family, so this part of the post will be short, but there are lots of pictures to enjoy!  I hope Mr. and Mrs. Cox have a wonderful honeymoon, and thanks for letting me be a part of your beautiful wedding!

And in a strange turn of events, as I got to the 2nd to last picture from the wedding, I found a photo that doesn't ever happen...a picture of me taken by my awesome assistant who carries around all of my equipment for me, deals with me ordering him around, deals with my heavy heavy cameras, sits in the hallway by himself for 1.5 hours while I am in the bridal room with the bridal party while they get ready,  and really really wants to start taking more pictures.  Thanks for everything you do!


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