Lily and Hank - family preview

It's been a rainy past few weeks, and unfortunately for this family they have had two rained out sessions. The wait was worth it, though, when we finally got to spend a beautiful, sunny evening at the Nelson. This was Lily and Hank's second time to be photographed this week, because they came to take a cousins picture with their new cousin, Teddy earlier in the week.

These two sweethearts were so well behaved and an absolute joy to work with. I have so many favorites from their session, and it was SO hard to narrow it down to a manageable amount to post for their preview.

Enjoy! (And check out the great outfits mom picked out)

Even the well behaved, super sweet and adorable 2 and 3 year olds have a limit...I think this was about when we hit ours :) Even then, they still look adorable!

Have a great Memorial Day!


Meet Teddy: Newborn Preview Part 2

As I mentioned earlier today in this post I had the privilege of photographing newborn Teddy and his sweet family. The whole family, cousins and all were there, and they were all wonderful. Teddy was so animated and full of life...especially for being just over a week old. I can't wait to see Teddy grow up throughout his first year sessions. Here are a few of my favorites from his first session.

I posted this one earlier, but I just love this shot of Teddy and his cousins.

I just absolutely loved his nursery. They did such a great job of decorating it.

Doesn't she look great!?

So, the dog and baby picture didn't really go as planned, but how funny is this one with the dog staring at little Teddy, and Teddy's reaction.

I just loved all of his cute little expressions!

Contemplative Teddy.

Eyes locked on his daddy.


Meet Teddy - Newborn Preview

This is just a small teaser, but I wanted to post this photo before I headed out for the day. Precious, little Teddy came three weeks early, but luckily his sweet cousins were still able to come in for a cousins picture. I have many more I want to share from Teddy's newborn session, but I just loved this picture of him with his cousins and wanted to share! More to come soon :)

What absolutely beautiful children in such a fabulous nursery!


Brylie's Birth Announcement

I shared some of sweet, little Brylie's newborn images a few weeks ago and with the help from her wonderful parents I designed her announcements. They wanted something pink and white and chose a few images and a saying they wanted. I thought it would be fun to incorporate the polka dots on her bow into the announcement. I love the way it turned out, and wanted to share. Enjoy her cute little face :)

The card is a two sided 5x5 press printed card on Art Linen Paper


Newborn Kiara - Preview

Little Kiara was born just 7 days ago, and she was such a joy. I was just in love with her beautiful, curly hair, and her sweet little kissy lips. She didn't cry at all which made my job a little easier. Not to mention, she has a very cool and calm mama who was a big help! Here is your preview :)

Check out her great nursery


Sweet Baby Brylie -- Newborn Preview

I had a wonderful time photographing week old Brylie, and am so thrilled for her wonderful parents! Even though we used every trick in the book to get little Brylie to go to sleep, she was doing everything in her power to keep her eyes opened. I think she just wanted to be a part of the action. :) Here is your preview!

Only one week later, and mom already looks great!

Isn't her nursery great?

Big crib, little baby.

Look at that little tuft of blonde hair. Too cute!

She loved sucking on her arm :)


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