Henry - 6 Month Kansas City, MO Photographs Preview

From the minute I stepped into little Henry's house it was just a completely laid back and happy environment...which makes for a completely laid back and happy baby!  Henry is such an expressive little guy, and such a sweetheart...I couldn't get over his sweet grin and little expressions.  He just melted my heart.  His parents were equally as wonderful...even if they are Missouri fans :)  All of this made for a wonderful session, and a fun morning with a sweet baby boy.  Enjoy your preview!

Henry was even happy as his dad dressed him...now that is a happy baby!

So sad the picture on the left is out of focus, but I had to post it...it's just too funny.

Ahh...love these so much

Hey, look...I'll even pose for you.  6 month old rockstar.

Still posing...such a stud.

If this doesn't make you smile, I'm not sure what will.

Some details from his gorgeous nursery done by his momma.

All of these windows are just heavenly...I want a room like this so bad...it is just awesome for a nursery.  I'd be smiling all the time if I lived in a room with all of these windows, too! :)

Love this shirt!


Mr. and Mrs. Barlow - Kansas City Wedding Photographs

Ashlee and Joey were absolutely WONDERFUL to work with.  I could haven't asked for a smoother day...everything was just perfect!  Like I mentioned in the previous post, I am preparing to head out for Tulsa bright and early in the morning for job with Kansas Athletics, but I wanted to be sure to get half of Mr. and Mrs. Barlow's preview up before I left!  So, here is just about 1/2 of your preview...the rest will be up soon!  Thanks for being so wonderful, and I hope you enjoy your pictures :)

How AMAZING are here shoes??  They are Betsey Johnson, and she had to special order them from the UK...so worth it, because they are beautiful and went perfectly with her theme/colors.

I just loved these wreaths they put on the chapel doors...she even made them herself!

Someone brought slinkies :)

heh...oops...in my defense, it is really difficult to stay out of the picture when there is a 3-way mirror involved.

My favorite part about her shoes?  They even had "something blue."

Ashlee and Joey's adorable, sweet and little boy


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