Berend and Samantha-Topeka Engagement Preview

Just like any other Kansas day, the weather on the morning of Samantha and Berend's session was forecasted to bed gloomy and rainy.  Thanks to a little luck and the random-ness of Kansas Weather, we ended up with a beautiful, sunny Fall day.  Samantha and Berend wanted a country feel to most of their engagement pictures, so we began our morning at Jackson's White Barn Nursery on 61st and Fairlawn where the wonderful owners so graciously let us use their beautiful property to begin our session. (thanks!) Even though I pronounced Berend's first name wrong around 10 times, they were great sports, and I know they will have a beautiful wedding next November!  Enjoy your preview, and I look forward to photographing your wedding!


Shannon & Nathan-Wichita Engagement Preview

Nathan and Shannon came up from Wichita for their engagement pictures and lucked out with a beautiful fall day.  I love doing engagement sessions with couples before their wedding day, because it really gives me a chance to get to know the couples beforehand, and makes the wedding day so much easier.  Not only that, but it also gives the couple a good idea of how I work, and what some of my silly requests what it means when I say your name and motion with my fingers downward and to the side, that usually means pull your chin down and angle it in the direction I move my hand.  By the end of Shannon & Nathan's session they were pros and could decipher exactly what I was trying to say.  We had a great time running around, and I think it definitely shows in their pictures...enjoy your preview and I am so excited for your winter wedding!


Jacob-Topeka 1st Birthday Preview

It is so fun to watch the children I photograph grow up, and I love seeing them change from year to year.  So, when Jacob's mom contacted me about doing his 1 year old pictures, I was thrilled.  I first met Jacob just a few months ago when he was the ringer bearer in a wedding I photographed in Topeka.  This little boy was a pro at walking at just 8 months old when he was in the wedding, so you can imagine how much he is running around now at 1 year!  Jacob has such a fun little personality.  He was all over the place, and into everything but such a doll...enjoy your preview!

This was his response to me asking him if I could see what he was playing with...pretty cute, huh?

I should have just titled this post, "The Many Faces of Jacob"

Little boys are always entertaining, because when you give a boy a rose, he doesn't smell it...he destroys it :)

And mud on their hands is just an opportunity for a snack.

A fearless little 1 year old, who wanted to get a little too close to the water...and what happens when you take that little boy away from the water. (check out the shoe midair)

At least his shoes float...


Kristin & Gray Bothwell - Topeka Wedding Preview

Kristin and Gray were star clients.  Not only were they totally laid back and fun, but they went with the flow and really enjoyed their wedding day.  When Kristin's cake didn't show up, she didn't even flinch...she took it like a trooper and thanks to some super creative friends and a quick trip to Sam's Club, she still had a cake to cut.  I had a wonderful time working with Kristin and Gray, and I hope they are enjoying their honeymoon abroad!  Enjoy your preview!


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