Baby Ryland - 4 Month Preview

This past week I got to start little Ryland's first year photos. These are his 4 month pictures, and I can't wait to see him grow up over the next 8 months! He is such an adorable, calm and relaxed baby...which made my job a little easier. Lucky for us, he was perfect for about an hour before he decided he had enough of my big camera being in his face :) For a 4 month old, with three outfit changes, that is pretty darn impressive! Lucky for me, Ryland's mom had picked out some great accessories for his session, which is always fun for me! Loved meeting his parents, and am looking forward to working with their family again very soon! Enjoy your preview!

Pretty cute little smile, huh?

How ADORABLE is his little "1st Club?" I couldn't get over how cute it was!

Not only is Ryland going to be a great golfer, but he already has his first Jabulani Ball, just like they are using in the World Cup. Now, how many 4 month olds can say that?

Future US Soccer superstar? Just stretchin' his legs...

I've got to give this little boy some credit. He was a trooper outside on a hot and very humid 100 degree day.

Wanna know what the best part about this picture is? (Besides his adorable little pout, the cute bubbles on his lips, and his beautiful eyes.) You can see the silhouette of his dad holding a stuffed animal, trying to get him to smile, in his eye's. Close up crop below:

What a beautiful family :)

Strong, little 4 month old.

...and this is the look that tells me: "Hey lady, I think it's about time you get that camera out of my face."


Amanda and Paul - Engagement Preview

As I mentioned in the previous post, a little over a week ago, I photographed Amanda and Paul for their engagement photographs. I only posted a small preview before, so here is the rest of their preview! Congratulations to you both!


Amanda and Paul - Quick Engagement Preview

I am headed out of town tomorrow for a few days, but wanted to get up a short preview of Amanda and Paul's engagement session. I will be photographing their wedding later this year, and based on how their engagement session went, they are going to have a wonderful wedding. It was obvious how in love they were...they were beyond cute with each other! I quickly went through and picked a few of my favorites to post tonight, but the rest of the preview will be up sometime next week!

Have a great weekend!


Cavanaugh Family - Preview

It is always fun to photograph old gives me a great excuse to see people I normally wouldn't get a chance to catch up with. So, when Dani e-mailed me asking to take pictures of her and her brother, Matt, with their cousins I was thrilled to. I danced with Dani in high school, and was good friends with her younger brother, Matt. Now, Dani is preparing to get married in a week, and Matt just graduated from college as a Second Lieutenant in the Army (correct me if I'm wrong, Matt). It was great to see them, and I hope this is a great surprise for their grandmother! Here is your preview :)

As a KU fan I prefer blue, but I think they make the K-State purple look pretty good :)

...and just one more of the beautiful bride to be! Congratulations Dani!


2010 Spots Almost Full!

2010 is barely halfway through, and sessions for the remainder of the year are almost 100% booked. I will only be accepting a few more new client sessions for the remainder of 2010. I recently moved, and am having issues with my phone line. To ensure prompt response on my part, please e-mail me instead of using the phone number on the website. My e-mail address is: Some basic booking info for the rest of 2010:

June 2010: Full
July 2010: Full
August 2010: Full
September 2010: 1 spot available (Contact me for more information)
October 2010: Full
November 2010: Full
December 2010: Full
January 2011: 1 spot available (Contact me for more information)
February 2011: 1 spot available (Contact me for more information)
March 2011: Full
April 2011: Full
...for other dates past April 2011, please e-mail me at

I will be accepting two more Class of 2011 seniors during 2010.

Regular Sessions
I will do my best to fulfill all requests, but will only be accepting 2-3 more new clients for the remainder of the year.

Current/Former Clients
The above information does not apply to you. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.


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