I entered an engagement photograph of Jessica and Jarrod that was taken in 2009 in a contest to be on the cover of Professional Photographer's Magazine. Take a few seconds to vote for me if you feel so inclined! Here is the link:

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Baby George Preview

Even though I have a very important test tomorrow that I should be studying for, I decided I couldn't wait to edit a few of little George's pictures from his newborn session today. I just love his little red hair! He was great, and we were all very pleased that he finally fell asleep at the very end of the session.


Sweet Layla - Children

I am so spoiled photographing such beautiful children! I photographed a beautiful, little 8 month old named Layla recently. She has the prettiest eyes, long eyelashes, pretty little mouth (with a great pout), beautiful hair, gorgeous complexion...she's pretty much got it all! Not to mention, she was so well behaved! Here are just a few of my favorites of Layla


Hallie and Z -- Children and Family preview

This weekend I got to meet the adorable Z and her mom. They were such a joy to work with, and made my job so easy! We took Z to the park to let her do her thing, I just kind of followed her around and let her decide where we went. She was so cooperative, especially for being 3! Sweet girl, and a very nice mom made for a very fun session at the park!

I just love her expression and innocence in this one, not to mention the beautiful scenery around her, and the gorgeous bokeh in the background. This would make a gorgeous large canvas print.


8th Birthday Pictures

Just yesterday I had a blast photographing Brooklyn for her 8th birthday pictures. I have been photographing her since she was 5, and it is such a joy to see her grow up from year to year! I cannot believe how mature and intelligent she has become. She was a natural, and so fun.

Just for fun, here are a few from her first session, for her 5th birthday pictures.

Here are a few of my favorites from Brooklyn's session this year!


Senior Portrait Scholarship Reminder

This is a reminder to submit your application for the senior portrait scholarship! For more information click here!


DKB - Album Cover Shoot

This past week I had the opportunity to photograph my little brother's "band" DKB. It's something they do for fun, and a bit of a joke, but their first album is dropping soon, so they wanted to get their album art done. We went out to Lone Star Lake, right outside of Lawrence at 7am and got some great shots. Unfortunately at about 9am it started hailing on us and all of my equipment, so we had to get out of there fast, but all in all the session was very fun, and the boys are always very entertaining. I've been sworn to secrecy on the majority of the pictures, but I am allowed to share one before they officially release the album in the next few weeks. Here are some very simple individuals of the boys we did.


Brooke and Garrett - Engagement Preview

I had the pleasure to work with Brooke and Garrett recently. Their wedding is planned for June, and I look forward to photographing their wedding as well. Here are a few previews from your session, Brooke and Garrett! The rest will be ready soon!


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