Shaw-3 Month Pictures (Fairway, KS)

You might remember baby Shaw's newborn photos found here.

Here is newborn Shaw.
I was so excited for Shaw's 3 month session, because while I love the newborn sessions, you can really start seeing little personalities develop around 3 months.  Shaw was absolutely no exception.  He was so lively and fun and an absolute joy.  Shaw didn't exactly love his newborn session, so I think he was over-compensating, because he was so wonderful this go around.

I think his incredibly chill and relaxed parents have rubbed off on him, because he is one cool baby.  Enjoy your preview Morgan and Dan!

Shaw had two different smiles...this full body laughing smile and a sweet flirty smile.  He was just too much fun to watch. SO much personality.

Here's his sweet flirty smile...too cute, huh?

Just hangin' out with dad :)

A bit of an outtake, but I love it...check out that wingspan.

How awesome is this rug???  I was in love!
Baby cannon ball!

The best part about using your home decor in photoshoots?  It looks good on the wall next to it!  I just LOVE this pillow, and I love it even more with a cute baby on it :)

So happy with momma.

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