Grace Katherine-Prairie Village 6 Month Photos

Sweet, sweet Grace recently had her 6 month session, and I feel like a broken record saying this, but I just love watching these babies grow and change.  At Grace's newborn session, she was just 3 days old and a very sleepy little girl...

Grace at 3 days

At Grace's 3 month session, her personality really started to come out and so did her sweet little grin...

Grace at 3 months
At 6 months, Grace still has that super sweet and fun loving personality, and her grin is even cuter!  This baby smiles and laughs so hard that it knocks her tiny little 13 lb. body over, but she sits right back up seemingly unfazed every time.  Little Grace absolutely adores her brother.  She was happy the whole session, but as soon as 3 year old brother Luke entered the room her eyes lit up and she just wanted to be near was the sweetest thing.  And just like big brother, Grace's hair is now much lighter than the dark hair she had during her 3 month session.  Enjoy your preview!

I love that Grace always wants to reach out and touch her brother when he is sweet!

Luke is always such a good sport during Grace's sessions, and it's always fun to get a few pictures of the two of them :)

Loving hanging out with big brother :)

Little Lady :)

This makes me smile every time I see it :)

Love this :)  I'm just sad that their dad was out of town and missed out.

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