Ryann - 1st Birthday Overland Park Photos

My sweet friend Ashley's little girl Ryann turned one recently, and I was there to document her 1st birthday party.  This is a great idea for any parents who want to just enjoy the moments and not have to worry about capturing every moment...you can leave that up to me :)  A month or so before the party, I took a few photos of Ryann for Ashley to use on her invitation.  Speaking of invitation, Ashley is a very talented graphic designer who designs wedding invitations and other custom stationary.  If you are in need of either, you should absolutely check out her website somethingyoudesign.com.  Ashley also has a great personal blog called The Domestic Wannabe where you can find lots more pictures of Ryann and fun recipes, crafts and other fun things.  Anyhow, back to the invitation pictures...I waited to preview these online so that I didn't take the fun out of the invitation.  Here are a few of those:

Fast forward to Ryann's 1st birthday...poor girl was real sick and wasn't so happy.  To add to Ryann being sick, in true Kansas fashion it was snowing in Spring.  Despite all of this, she was a real trooper and avoided any major breakdowns and even stayed awake the whole party :)  Ashley did an AMAZING job decorating for the party, and her mother Tammy's cooking was awesome.  Enjoy this creative, unique and very well-done first birthday party for Miss Ryann Elizabeth.

It was really difficult for me to not make the entire post about the decor because it was so adorable!  Head over to Ashley's blog for more info on how many of these things were created: The Domestic Wannabe 

How adorable is that diaper cover?

One thing that did make Ryann smile, even if it was only a little one, was her aunt's iPhone :)

Poor sick birthday girl :(

Grandpa doing his best to keep Ryann happy :)

Ryann tried snatching a few of the party favors :)

This little girl makes the funniest faces I have ever seen on a baby...she is SO expressive.  It just cracks me up looking at these.  I had to include them for all her funny faces :)

Daddy showing Ryann her birthday spread.

Ashley made these adorable water bottles for the party.

Ryann wanted to open her presents in her birthday suit.

Ryann's friend Berkeley helped Ry open her presents.

It's my party, and I'll sleep if I want to.

Ryann tries out tearing wrapping paper.

Love this picture so much...Grandpa still entertaining Ryann.

Ryann wasn't so sure about her smash cake...in fact, she preferred to eat it with a spoon :)

Ryann really wasn't fond of having icing on her hands...at all

Ryann's friend JT (JP? JD?...I'm pretty sure it's one of those) loved watching Ryann eat her cake.

Mom and Dad to the rescue to wipe off all the frosting :)

And some iPad fun with Aunt Lorin to finish the day.

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