Grace-Prairie Village 3 Month Preview

Sweet little Grace, my only girl currently on the first year package turned 3 months old in December, and I couldn't believe how big she had gotten.  You might remember Grace's newborn session found here.  Grace was just 3 days old during her first session, which makes the jump to 3 months seem even bigger than usual.

Here is little Grace when she was a newborn...

and here is Grace at 3 months...

Grace is such a fun, interactive baby.  It probably helps that she has such a wonderful big brother who is so sweet to her.  I wish I could remember all of the sweet things he said to her during the photoshoot, nonetheless it was pretty adorable.

The first thing I remember about Grace's newborn session was walking in to a little boy named Luke who asked if I wanted to watch Lady and the Tramp with him (or at least that's what I think it was...correct me if I'm wrong).  Luke didn't take much time to warm up to me, he just started chatting away.  I loved talking to him about Toy Story 3, Cars and other really important little boy things.  So, this time when I walked in the door and Luke wanted to tell me all about Star Wars and the Toy Story 3 toys he had asked Santa for, I was all ears.  He also wanted to tell me all about his little sister, which was equally endearing.  With these first year sessions, I get to see the family every 3 months, and over that time it is so fun to get to know not only the new babies, but also the whole family.  I'm very lucky to have met this great family, and their adorable Luke and Grace.  Here are a few of Luke I snapped as he was showing me some of his toys... (note the the background)

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