Camden-3 Month Photo Preview (Lawrence/Tonganoxie)

You might remember little Camden from his newborn shoot.

If not, here is what Camden looked like as a newborn...

And here is what 3 month old Camden looks like...

Camden is such a sweet boy, and SO full of personality.  His little faces were cracking me up.  Below is a few of my favorite expressions from little Camden.

I'd like to call the first one, "Lady get out, you're taking too many pictures" (notice his right hand...) and the second is Camden channeling the old man in him after a bit too much to eat.

This next one on the left is the best impression of a sumo baby I've ever seen.  He is definitely ready to fight.  And on the bottom right is what happens when you stick a 3 month old on a couch and make him pose for the camera for too long :)

I can't wait to see you again in a few months, Camden!

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