The Art of Writing a Preview Post...

I opened up my blogger window to begin writing a newborn preview posting, and thought to myself: "Self, how the heck am I going to figure out a way to say that these were amazing clients and I had a wonderful time photographing their newborn without sounding like I copied and pasted a previous newborn preview post that said something very similar."  I couldn't come up with anything that conveyed my sincerity, but that is usually how it goes when I sit down to write these posts.

If the writing in my blogposts usually seems a bit contrived, it's because is.  There's a reason I love photography so much, and it's the same reason I loved to dance.  It's because I'm just not very good at eloquently expressing myself in words, and I would much rather take a picture that says a million things, than try and explain what is going on in that picture in writing.  So, if my writing seems repetitive and boring, it's because it is...and while I could just let the pictures do the talking (and 80% of time, I want to) it's always fun to give a little back story and express my gratitude to the people I I do.

However, some of my repetitiveness is not because of my inability to write, but because I have the best clients, ever. So, when I am constantly saying that I had the best session with the best clients/subjects, it's because I sincerely feel that way, and this year has been full of wonderful clients and sessions.  I have been so blessed to work with such great people who are so kind, fun, cool, welcoming, etc. and it makes my job so much fun.

So, next time you are reading a preview post (like the one I'm going to post in about an hour), know that even though I am constantly saying my clients were so wonderful and fun to work with, I truly mean it.  Now, off to go figure out what I'm going to write for my next preview post...

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