Bennett-Topeka Senior Picture Preview

When I photographed Bennett this past weekend for his senior pictures, it was not the first time he had scheduled his session.  It was actually the third.  See, Bennett has had his share of bad luck in the past few months beginning with him falling off of a mountain.  Yes, falling off of a mountain.  Just a few days before his original session was schedule, I got an e-mail informing me that Bennett had fallen down a mountain in Colorado, and scrapped up his face pretty bad.  Of course we rescheduled later on, giving him enough time to heal.  Fast forward a month or so, and I get an e-mail the day before his second scheduled session...Bennett was at a baseball camp in Missouri and he got hit in the face with a eye and all.  At that point, I thought we were jinxed...part of me thought if we scheduled another session I would cause some sort of harm to him.  Lucky for him, he arrived unscathed and was such a good sport.  In fact, he woke up for an 8:00 am session the day after his senior homecoming that's dedication!  Enjoy your preview, Bennett!

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