Patrick | Prairie Village 3 Month Photo Preview

The first year package is so fun for me, because I get to watch these little babies grow up over the first year of their life and watch them accomplish so many milestones.  I usually see the biggest change from the newborn photos to the 3 month photos.  So, when Patrick's mom mentioned I wouldn't even recognize him when I came for his 3 month session I wasn't surprised because that's usually how it goes.  She wasn't joking, because tiny baby Patrick hit an early growth spurt and is growing into an adorable little baby boy.  He has the sweetest little crooked smile and such a cheery, yet very serious at times demeanor.  He is just so content and fun to photograph.

Here is newborn Patrick:


And here is Patrick's 3 month photo preview...enjoy!

Patrick, you might have some pretty cute and chubby cheeks, but you have a long way to go until you can compete with this...the chubbiest baby I've ever seen (in pictures at least) circa 1987.

Me (Annie) somewhere around 4-6 months I think

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