Kiara - 4 Month Preview (Topeka)

You might remember sweet Kiara from her newborn session 4 months ago...

Well, she just turned 4 months old and is even more adorable. She has the sweetest personality, and was so easy to work with (just like when she was a newborn!) Enjoy your preview!

Look at those thighs!

She just loved when her momma kissed her.

About halfway through the session Kiara began to get a little shy...she would do this absolutely adorable thing where she would turn and look at me for a little bit, smile and immediately turn towards her mom's chest and act bashful. She would peek up at me every now and then and eventually get the courage to look up again, and then she would turn back and become bashful. It was SO cute.

Sweet bashful girl :)

Another great, while we were outside, I asked if she would want to try standing on the grass (she loved standing inside, so I figured it couldn't hurt). Her mom let me know she had never been in grass before, and her first reaction to it was hilarious. She pick her little feet right up and did not like it. She kept lightly brushing the surface of the grass with her foot testing it, and eventually decided she just didn't really like it at all. Alas, it was adorable and so funny to see her experience it for the first time.

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