Jarrod and Jessica Lamott Wedding Preview (Topeka)

On a Saturday in late August, Jessica and Jarrod were married. The weather was perfect, as was the whole day. This summer has been a particularly good one for perfectly sunny Saturday weddings, and this one was no exception. I hope you enjoy their preview as much as I do!

Pretty gorgeous, huh?

Holy Name Catholic Church in Topeka, KS

On the left is one of their beautiful center pieces. On the right is a moment I just about missed. I heard some commotion behind me and turned around. I saw this young boy holding a goldfish from one of the centerpieces over his mouth, and without having time to adjust the settings on my camera I whipped it up and snapped a shot, shortly before the goldfish met it's unfortunate demise in the stomach of this daredevil. I heard him being dared earlier by his friends to do it, and didn't think he would go through with it...well, looks like he won the dare.

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