Mr. and Mrs. Justin Thornton | Lawrence, KS Wedding Preview

I could go on and on and on about how wonderful Ashley and Justin are, but I think it is obvious just from their pictures.  When I began working for Kansas Athletics last May, Ashley was there for me 100% from the beginning.  She always made sure I was doing okay, and she always made sure to include me...she has always been so supportive and when she asked me to photograph her wedding I was honored.

We have been counting down the days to the wedding in our office for months, and I can't believe the day has already come and gone.  Everything was better than expected, and Ashley and Justin turned a dark and rainy day into a wonderful one :)  They were GREAT sports about the rain, and were so cool about finding indoor locations to shoot their formal pictures.

After a few minutes photographing in the rain, we realized we needed to go inside.  We quickly brainstormed and realized that the best place to go was back to our office at Allen Fieldhouse.  As you might remember from their engagement session last summer, Ashley and Justin both have strong KU ties.  Ashley was a cheerleader while she attended KU.  A quick google search led me to this picture (sorry, Ash...I had to) of her in her glory days :)

Photo from Bill Snead of the Journal World, found at this link.
Justin on the other hand was a very accomplished football player for the University of Kansas, and was a key player on the 2008 Orange Bowl Champions team.  And just for fun...

Justin (#46) after making an interception in the Orange Bowl.
Photo by Nick Krug of the Lawrence Journal World, found at this link.
So, taking their wedding pictures at Allen Fieldhouse seemed like a perfect fit.  I had a wonderful time photographing their wedding, and I hope you enjoy your preview!  Congratulations to you in your new journey!

A few of Ashley's bridesmaids were cheerleaders with her in college.  Two of them even have their picture in the Spirit Squad display in the Booth Family Hall of Athletics.  So, naturally they wanted to take a picture by it.  This quickly turned into them wanting to stunt...I think Ashley is definitely in her element up there :) 

Justin and his groomsmen by the 2008 Orange Bowl trophy in the Booth Family Hall of Athletics.

Ashley and Justin's adorable flower girl had the biggest smile when she saw her momma up at the front of the chapel.  She literally sprinted to her, and this kind of blurry picture is a result of her zipping by me on a mission :)  It was the cutest thing in the world.  At least she made it down the aisle :)

The paster slipped in an extra sentence for Ashley to repeat during her vows...something along the lines of treating Justin like the king that he is...she initially started to repeat after him, and quickly realized what she was saying.  It was the funniest moment and quickly turned the tears in the room to laughter and smiles.

Ashley Thornton  – (March 11, 2011 at 8:41 AM)  

So thankful for great friends including the talented miss Annie Werner!

Molly  – (March 11, 2011 at 2:32 PM)  

What a beautiful bride! Annie you are extremly talented. I'm sure miss Ashley made it easy for you :)

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