Braedon - Topeka Senior Picture Preview

Poor Braedon had the fortune of having his senior pictures taken during one of the hottest weeks we have had all summer. We began late in the evening, and even then the temperature was above 100 degrees. That's not even taking into account the humidity. However, Braedon was such a trooper. He did not complain once, and was incredibly cooperative. Even though we were all very, very hot and maybe a little sweaty, it was wonderful to work with such a cooperative and polite young man. Oh, and did I mention he had the most piercing big, blue eyes. Here is your preview, Braedon!

Great story behind this picture. We were near some not so great areas, and thought we may or may not have seen someone sleeping under the bridge where we had just been taking pictures. We mention this to Braedon's mom, Vickie, and instead of being scared she walks over there to look for herself. I was terrified, but apparently she is quite a bit braver than me :)

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