New Product! Floating Wraps!

I am SO excited about this great way to showcase your photographs, float wraps! Float wraps are a great way of displaying your photographs, making them appear as though they are floating on the wall. With a float wrap, you do not need to frame your picture, eliminating the cost of a frame. Your print will be wrapped around Masonite to give it the look of being "wrapped." The image is protected with laminate, and padding is added between the image and the Masonite, giving it even more dimension. The back is lined with black paper, and in the middle is a block of 3/4" gator-board with pre-made holes, making mounting SO simple! The added dimension creates a shadow behind the image, making it appear as though it is floating above the wall! I absolutely love the look of these, and am so excited to be able to offer them!

Float wraps are available in an 8x10 and up. For pricing, simply add $50.00 to the standard print pricing. So, an 11x14 float wrap is only $125.00! The image shown is an 11x14 float wrap showcasing the lovely bride, Charlie, and her groom, Rob.

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